Bill’s Tracy CA Dining Recommendations

Magellan’s Restaurant

15 East 6th St.
Tracy, CA
(209) 839-2333

This is one of our favorite restaurants. We go here for our pleasure and special occasions. The presentation of the food is impeccable if you are into the gourmet aspect of the culinary world. The salmon as well as the rest of the food is outstanding! Sam, the waiter, is highly recommended and Tomas the owner makes you feel very unique.

Mandarin Villa

2501 Tracy Blvd.
Tracy, CA

We can’t say enough about the food and service here. When you want Chinese food in Tracy this is the place to go! Cindy Cheung, the owner, makes you feel like a king. If you are looking for somewhere to go for dinner for two or that very special occasion this is our favorite.

Banta Inn

22563 South 7th St.
Banta, CA 95304
(209) 835-1311

Directions: Go up E. Grant Line Rd. until you come to the El Rancho Rd. and S 7th St. four way stop. Turn right onto S 7th St. and go just beyond the railroad tracks.

The Banta Inn is one of Tracy’s most historic places. It is fun loving and a great place to hang out with friends on the weekends. They serve the best lunguisa sandwiches and hamburgers. It is known for being haunted and it has been in many newspapers and TV shows before. In 1967 the owner of the Banta Inn died while he was behind the bar and has haunted it ever since. He likes to knock things off the wall and stack the coins inside the register. He has never hurt or harmed anyone. He is upset that he doesn’t own it anymore. Don’t let the ghost detour you from going because you will be missing out on fun!

Shorter’s Rib Pit

16 East 9th St.
(209) 839-2290

Shorter’s Rib Pit is ran by David & Donelle Shorter and Family. You talk about down home food it’s awesome. Rib’s, Chicken, catfish, Homemade Mac & Cheese, Banana pudding. David’s Mom is the MASTER CHEF everyone call’s her mom boy can that women cook.Dave’s wife, Donelle, spends vacation time and days off to help with the business end of things, even though she works full-time as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente in Stockton.

Busy as he is, Dave manages to devote time to church, too. He chairs the deacon board at People of Christ Church — which has a new building under construction on Larch Road — and gives God credit for his every success in life, thanking him for the support of his family.

“I really believe in this,” Dave said. “I used to only dream of working with my family.”

They also do catering so for that next party they are the one’s to call 209-839-2290 or drop by at 16 East 9th St. They treat you like FAMILY!

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