Representing Buyers “Best Interests”

Would you hire the opposing attorney to represent you in a lawsuit? How about employing the IRS auditor to look after your interests during a tax audit? If you answered NO to these two questions, why would you hire the Seller’s agent to represent you in a real estate transaction?

Buyers and sellers have different interests. No one agent can represent the best interests of both parties. Seller’s agents (listing agents) are legally and contractually obligated to represent the best interests of the Seller.

As a Buyer’s Broker, our only obligation is to serve you, the buyer/client. As a Buyer’s Broker, we can provide access to information on all properties available for sale, can counsel you on the pluses and minuses of each property and provide you with objective information about recent sales of similar properties. As a Buyer’s Broker, we represent your interests exclusively, throughout the nogotiations and the escrow period.

The purchase price you pay for a home goes, in part, to pay the brokerage fees. Since you are paying to be represented, shouldn’t you get full client-level services at all times for your money? It won’t cost you one dollar more to use our services as a Buyer’s Broker who is obligated to protect your best interests. Call us for exclusive buyer representation.

What people are saying:

“There is no doubt that when we sell our home in the future that Bill & Pat will be our realtors. Thank you again for all that you did to turn our dream of owning a home into a reality.”
The Loggins family, Tracy

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all that you did. We realize how much you went above and beyond to help us. Our experience dealing with you was wonderful. Your name will be the only referral given by our family when it comes to real estate.”
Joni Morris, Tracy

“We’ve shared our experience with many of our friends and relatives and will recommend your services every time someone is in need of a reliable broker/realtor in Tracy.”

Chris & Maria Smith, Tracy


What the media is saying:

“You save big bucks by hiring a Buyer’s Broker.

–Money Magazine

“Exculsive agencies are best. They remove any conflict of interest, which is the main reason for considering a Buyer’s Broker in the first place.”

– Changing Times

“A listing real estate broker doesn’t work for you, but for the seller. If you want someone on your side, bet on a Buyer’s Agent.”

–Reader’s Digest

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