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  • Below is a common story happening in our office…

    Yesterday a lady emailed about a home and said she heard my podcast about “Writing an Offer That Wins”.  She went on about how she’s written 20 offers with another Realtor and has never bought a home before.  She said it hit her when she heard my podcast.  She realized her agent was not aggressive enough, didn’t have a strategy or any connections in the real estate industry.

    We made a few phone calls to help her out.  We spoke with the representative of the agent representing the investor.  Upon speaking with him, she purchased a home within 48 hours by simply following our instructions and using our “Buyer Advantage System”.

    We would be happy to meet with you and explain our simple strategy for free with no obligations.  In our meeting, we will discuss the real estate market in all areas such as, Tracy, Manteca, Lathrop and Stockton.

    Here is Elysia’s; you can e-mail her to talk about her experience with the Barringer Team.  She wants to tell everyone because she is sooooo happy and that is what makes us happy.

    I was so excited about buying my first home.  But as I was going through the motions of finding a home, I found it wasn’t easy at all. 

    I met with several Realtors, looked at so many homes for sale and submitted 20+ offers!!  So many offers I honestly lost count!!  I thought buying a home was going to be fun and exciting, but the experience I was having took all the excitement out of it.  I was so frustrated and discouraged that I almost gave up!  Until I read and heard Bill Barringer’s article about “writing a winning offer”.  I was so impressed with what he had to say that I immediately emailed him asking for his help.  Bill introduced me to Nicole, his buyer’s agent, who was absolutely wonderful!  We looked at ONE house, made ONE offer and my ONE offer was accepted the next day!!  I was speechless when Nicole told me my offer had won!  Working with the Barringer Team was the best decision I made. They are awesome and I would tell everyone, “Call them FIRST!” They are not lying when they say “It really is all about working with a Realtor who knows the business!”

    Check it out for yourself at:  http://www.tracyrealestateexpert.com/Blog/Writing-An-Offer-That-Wins.

    Or click here to hear my podcast: http://www.talkrealty.com/billbarringer/audio/player.aspx

    Feel Free to e-mail me, I would be happy to tell this story to anyone.


    A happy new home owner!

    Elysia Keel


  • Hi Bill….I just wanted to pass along a thank you to you Pat, and Brian. I have been working with another realtor who makes me appreciate realtors like yourself and your family.I have done about 10 inspections for this realtor over the past couple of months, and not one of them went without a hitch. When I arrive at the home inspection, either the utilities aren’t on (at all), or the lockbox combination is wrong or there is no key in the lockbox, or the realtor will call me 5 minutes before the inspection is suppose to start and cancels or re-schedules because they just discovered that the utilities were never requested to be turned on. This person has wasted so much of my time and I have had to do so many re-inspections and return visits, especially when I had to turn away another appointment that I had already scheduled for this realtor.

    Anyway, it makes me appreciate people like yourself who are always professional in the work they do. You ALWAYS show up to open up and to be there with your customers through the inspection (which I would be ticked off if my realtor was not present with me during an inspection of any type).

    I’m sure you probably don’t hear it often enough, but I appreciate your work ethic and your professionalism. I always know when I have an inspection scheduled with you that I don’t have to worry about it cancelling when I show up or not being able to get into a house because you didn’t show up.

    Thanks again……………… Larry L. Hite

  • I would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding job your team did in the sale of our home in Tracy Everything you said you would do when we listed the property with you was done and you kept us up to date with what was happening.We had listed it previously with two other brokers and neither of them did the job that you did.I would highly recommend your office to anyone that is considering selling or buying a home. Thank you again for the outstanding job you did.

    Richard Hansen

  • Thank you so much for meeting with us today. I was very impressed with how warm, friendly and genuine you both are. Your service presentation was awesome, very thorough and so informative that it addressed a lot of concerns Hai raised during our drive to your office.We really appreciate you spending so much time with us and are very grateful for the opportunity to know you and Bill. You can trust that we will be sending any buyers and sellers looking to purchase or sell a home in San Joaquin County your way.I was so proud to pass on your business card and brochure to a lady named Gina Viera

    I met while walking around Hai’s neighborhood. Gina said she is looking to sell soon but will wait to see what the market is like in the summer. Her and her family commute to the bay area to work in addition to Van Pool but still find it very tough to digest. They are ready to move back into their home in the bay area once the tenant’s lease is up. I encouraged her to call your team before other agents because you are the EXPERTs that can make it happen.

    Good luck and best wishes with Mrs. Viera.

    With regards to Hai, he will be talking things over with mom and dad before making a final determination. He’s got a lot of thinking and analyzing to do before he contacts you with his decision so it may take a day or two. One thing for certain and that is he no longer needs to search any further for a real estate expert. You and Bill are the team of professionals who can get the job done for us!

    Thank you again for spending so much time with us and for skipping lunch on our behalf. We will not forget your hospitality, kindness, genuine way of conducting business and the personal stories about your journey to the Hawaiian Islands and Las Vegas that lifted our spirits and made us laugh. YOU ARE GREAT!!!

    Laura Wells
    Hai Nguyen

  •  Dear Barringer Team:Thank you so much for the candy you sent over this weekend. It was so thoughtful. We’ve been so busy with the new house that I haven’t had time to send out a thank you card to your team and Alex.I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your whole team and how you handled both the sale and purchase transaction. Because I am in the real estate business, I went into this thinking it would be a challenge trying to coordinate a sale and purchase together because I am wise to what can go wrong. You proved me totally wrong!

    Pat had my house sold before it went on the market and it sold for way more than I thought thanks to Bill’s knowledge of the market. We very much appreciated all of the money you saved us with the buyer’s advantage rebate on our new home purchase.

    Shay was especially nice to work with. She is always so friendly and was always on top of everything. She and Jeannie handled everything, so I didn’t have to worry about anything. It was all handled before I could start worrying.

    Alex at National City was also great to work with. He made sure everything went as planned and delivered everything he promised for both me and my buyers.

    It was too easy!!

    I would never use or recommend anyone else in the Tracy or Weston Ranch area. In fact, my sister is looking to sell her house in early spring and they were so impressed with the service we received from you that they have already told me they plan to use the Barringer Team.

    Thank you so much for all the little extras as well. You guys are awesome!

    Renee McIntyre

  • To the Barringer Team (Bill, Pat, and Shay),We, the Lewis family, would like to extend our warmest “thank you” and our appreciation for your tireless effort, especially with all the phone calls to make this “dream” a reality!We have been “blessed” with this home and much more: a long-time relationship with your team. Words cannot describe how “thankful” we are to you all!

    Once all of us get settled with our schedules, I’m still planning to invite all of you over for some home-made Filipino food!

    Once again, Bill, Pat, and Shay, from the bottom of our hearts – thank you!

    God bless you,

    Walter, El, Brianna, and Brittney Lewis

  • Dear Bill, Pat, and Shay,You guys were the best realtors we have worked with. We want to thank you for keeping us informed all the time and making us feel comfortable the whole way. The move was stressful, but you guys made it so much easier than it could have been.We thank you again and again, and wanted to let you guys know how much of a pleasure it was to work with you!


    Brian, Kelly, and Jacob Abad

  • Bill, Pat, and Shay,Your kindness and friendship mean so much. You three are a blessing that came into our lives. You offered love and support and managed to close a real estate deal without a hitch. You were always pleasant and patient with our multiple phone calls and calmed our fears during the offer on the Newman house…then handled the change in plans so smoothly. Thank you doesn’t express my appreciation.Bill, I will never forget you showing up with lunch for the garage sale. You are all amazing, dear friend.


    Ginni Isler and family

  • Dear Bill, Pat, and Shay,Bill and Pat, we thank you for all your hard work in helping us get our house. We really appreciate all that you did to make this process as smooth as you could. Dealing with Bill has been kind of like having my dad help me. (I mean that in a good way!) You guys are the best.Shay, thanks for all your help and hard work. We appreciate all you did while helping us in our home buying process.

    Thanks from

    The Willis Family

  • Dear “Team,”Thanks for all your thoughtfulness and expertise in selling Mother’s house. You’re about the nicest people I’ve encountered in a while. Your personal consideration and attention are exceeded only by your super professionalism and execution of the job at hand.Thanks to the Barringer Team: Bill, Pat, and Shay!


    Paul Flick

  • Greetings, Barringer Team!I just wanted to thank you all for your assistance in selling my home. You all are absolutely tops! You are the most consistent, professional and personable group of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in a long time.In my view and from what I’ve experienced, you all run a top-notch ship. More business professionals should model themselves after you. I don’t mean to pour it on too thick, but it’s true. I can be a tough customer, that’s why I chose the Barringer Team.

    It was hard for me to make the decision to sell my home, not to mention the personal issues I was dealing with, but you all took that into account and made it happen. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help and professionalism.

    I hope the new owner and his partner enjoy the house as much as we did. We had a lot of great times there and hopefully they will, too.

    The next time I’m in the market for a home, I will be in touch. Please note, I won’t hesitate to refer the Barringer Team to others as well.’

    Thanks again!!

    All the best,

    Valisa Dougherty

  • Bill, Pat, and Shay,I just wanted to thank you all one more time for all of your time and effort in selling my home, and wish you a happy thanksgiving. I know you guys went over and above what was required, and I really appreciate it. If only there were more businesses like yours, the world would be a much better place!Happy holidays to all and take care!Paul Hendricks
  • Dear Bill and Pat,It was very thoughtful of you to bring the tray of wraps and cokes on such a trying day – not only then, but the next day, too, as there was a generous amount left! The RCI week was a real surprise, too, and we will plan a week to celebrate our move to Tracy.Thank you again for all your help and support – Shay was of great help, too.


    Ruth and Wink Epperson

  • Dear Bill and Pat:I am very slow to write usual letters, so I decided that since I found you guys on the internet that it is ok to thank you by internet. Feel free to post this note on the internet with my name but without my contact information.As you know, Chisen and I are complete rookies about buying homes. We could have easily chose the wrong people to represent us. Perhaps it was the power of your internet site or just luck, but we feel extremely lucky that we found the two of you. Everything went very smooth with the two of you taking care of everything for us. We had to go back to Hawaii very quickly but you were able to do various things that helped to make sure that we were buying the right house. In particular, I am very thankful that you could attend the house inspection for us.

    Without question, we will send our friends your way! Please take care and please come over this summer for my special Texas-style steaks.

    Best regards,

    Leland Jameson

  • Dear Bill & Pat:Chris & I would really like to thank you both for all your hard work!You both did a fantastic job selling our home before it even got onto the market!! It was so nice being able to relax and let someone else take care of all the paperwork. We really appreciate your prompt responses to our many questions, and there were a few.

    Not only were you able to help us sell the house, but you were very instrumental in finding us a new home to live in just as fast.

    We’ve share our experience with many friends and relatives and will recommend your services every time someone is in need of a reliable Broker/Realtor in Tracy.

    Yours truly,

    Chris & Maria Smith

  • Dear Bill & Pat,We want to take the time and once again thank you and your staff for your services during our home purchase here in Tracy. Our satisfaction is genuine and complete. Because we were new to the area, our praises naturally have been directed to friends and family that do not reside in the state of California.When we first came to Tracy, you were able to show us a selection of homes the very first day. Our family is relatively large, we needed a fairly large home, and you were able to help us find a great home in an affordable price range. You took the time to understand our needs.

    As you may recall, we placed an offer on our home the very next day! Your advice to us was smart, as we had to ask for a longer time period in which to close due to our relocation from another state.

    Everything worked our just great! You helped us along in every phase of the process and you were always available to answer our inquiries. We could feel your sense of
    commitment to the Tracy community and felt as if you were leading the welcoming

    We wish you continued success as the Tracy community continues to grow.

    Thank You,

    Don & Patty Andrzejewski

  • Dear Bill and Pat,It is remarkable to think that about this time last year, my husband and I were sitting at our computer in Austin, Texas, searching the internet for a real estate agent to help us in our move to Tracy. And we are so very happy that your names were the first that we came across.After a bad experience with our seller;s agent in Texas, we were somewhat leery of dealing with a buyer’s agent in Tracy. But after scanning your web site, sharing e-mail, speaking with you, and reading up on your references, we were confident that we did not need to search elsewhere.

    Your help with all aspects of finding a home in our price range, from pre-approval, rearranging your schedule to meet our needs, and your tireless effort of showing us at least 20 homes in our price range when we arrived in Tracy from Austin, helped us to make the best decision as to the home we purchased.

    Since we did have to return to Austin a few days after you had our contract for purchase approved and signed, we left the majority of the responsibility of securing the deal, attending inspections, keeping us up-to-date on the progress of the purchase, having final documents express mailed to us in Texas, attending the final close (which we were unable to do), and even keeping a watch over our home and having the lawn mowed until we were able to make our final move to Tracy.

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all that you did. We realize how much you went above and beyond to help us. Our experience dealing with you was wonderful. Your name will be the only referral given by our family when it comes to real estate.

    Thank you again!


    Joni Morris

  • Bill and Pat,We did it! We are finally all moved in and are slowly turning our house into our home. We would like to take the time to thank you for everything you did to turn our dream into a reality.Having spoken to other realtors in the past, we feel truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you. The day we walked into your office, we felt at ease and well taken care of. Pat did a wonderful job of showing us homes, without any pressure. She found the perfect home for us the first day she took us out. Due to the increasing prices of homes in Tracy, we thought we would never find a home here, but Pat showed us many nice homes in our price range.

    Since escrow closed in less than a month, Bill had to be on his toes. He put us in contact with Alex at Accubanc, the day we made an offer. Since this was our first home, Bill did a wonderful job of walking us through everything. He did a wonderful job of preparing us and nothing was a surprise.

    Bill and Pat kept in constant contact with us and everything went smoothly. During the week we moved in they came by on several occasions, leaving a card and a sandwich platter. Their dedication and caring made us feel at peace with our first home purchase. Laurie also made several calls to make sure everything was in order before escrow and after we had moved in.

    There is no doubt that when we sell our home in the future that Bill and Pat will be our realtors. Thank you again for all that you did to turn our dream of owning a home into a reality.


    The Loggins Family
    Matthew, Jennifer, Connor and Madeline

  • Bill and Pat,I am writing to convey my overall experience with my REALTOR®, Pat Barringer & Team. Pat did a wonderful job of showing us homes, without any pressure. She was very friendly and very informative with real estate information, terminology, and process.She was careful to make sure that we were comfortable in our decision in the area we wanted to purchase, the price bracket we wanted to stay in, and the houses we wanted to see. Once we found the house we wanted, Pat worked diligently to ensure the process moved forward and with ease.

    Thanks for the sandwich platter & much more… We would definitely recommend Pat & Bill to anyone in search of purchasing a home. Thank you, Pat & Bill, for all your time and effort.


    Kamaldeep & Neetu Bhullar

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