In Depth: Tracy Schools

All Children Will Learn in Tracy Schools…
Its the Tracy Way!

Tracy is a truly homey place for students as its education is at foremost.

Tracy Unified School Districts purpose is outstanding:

“[to] Provide educational opportunities which empower children and adults to reach their fullest potential, and participate as responsible and productive citizens in a continuously changing world.”

Tracy is also the home of having students score high on standard tests for state and national averages. The soul reason for such success is rigorous academic standards, extracurricular activities (enrich the students physically and mentally), great music programs, theater and fine arts, and to have safe campuses where students can learn, most importantly, without fear!

Above all, Tracy Unified School District is with it. They know the power of the Internet and even have streaming video casts on their site.

What’s Tracy’s School Placement Philosophy for elementary schools?“Neighborhood Schools”.

This means that students will most likely go to their “neighborhood school”, although if a school is overflowing with students, then they might go outside their neighborhood school. Transportation is not provided by Tracy Unified, the parent must find transportation for their children. Here are some particular guidelines which Tracy Unified may use to determine were to place a child whose neighborhood school is full:

  • Students living within the home school attendance area who attended the respective school the previous school year.
  • Students assessed as being Limited English Proficient (LEP) and those who qualify for Special Education or Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) will have second priority for placement at schools which have these programs.
  • Displaced students who have been reassigned two times, to different schools outside their attendance area, to accommodate district needs.
  • Overflow students assigned to another school because of overcrowded conditions the previous school year by enrollment date.
  • Resident students new to the school attendance area.


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