Ways to Make your Home more Sellable

Selling a Home in Tracy, CA

ways to make your home more sellableAnyone can spend a fortune and make a home look lovely, but few have the cash or are in a position to come up with it just to walk away without recapturing their investment. There are, however, inexpensive ways to make a home generally more attractive, which in essence will achieve a sale quicker and at less of a discount to your asking price.

First of all, keep in mind the 30/30 rule. Statistics show that 30 percent of the buying decisions is made from the neighborhood, street location and a straight-on view of the outside. Then, equally important are the first three steps through the front door. From these inside and outside first impressions, 60 percent of the decision whether to purchase or not will be made. As you concentrate your efforts and allocate your spending, keep this idea in mind.

Next, keep in mind the concept of “less is better.” Dispose of clutter and be sure that rooms are not overcrowded. Put furniture in storage, if necessary, and keep in mind the way a model home is furnished. Eliminate piles of newspapers, magazines, clippings and bric-a-brac. Remember, people can be influenced easily and the more personalized your home appears, the more difficult it may be for others to visualize themselves occupying the same space. Therefore, it is sometimes worth considering removing
any abundance of ethnic or religious art, family photos, and overly dramatic artifacts.

Remember also to appeal to the senses – sight, sound and smell. Cooking odors can be as offensive as they can be attractive. Smells of onions, garlic, herbs and spices can sometimes be a turn-off. Also animal smells and musty odor, mold and moth balls are almost certain to stop a would be sale.

Keep soft music on and avoid ball games, news reports and blasting television programs. Let the real estate agent do the talking and try to give everyone space. Keep children in the yard or outside when possible during daylight hours and keep barking dogs away when possible.

We are trying to create a great first impression.

In conclusion, remember that today’s buyer generally wants a home that is light, bright and airy. They want privacy, good space and a flowing floor plan. Many of these desires can be achieved by removing heavy draperies, trimming back bushes and trees, painting walls white, lifting up soiled or worn carpet, and removing clutter.

Be sure to call a knowledgeable real estate agent before putting your home on the market. The advance planning will surely pay off!

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